Blog Glossary

This is a work in progress and updated often. If you come across a term in my posts that should be on this list, please let me know, ok?

Aircon (エアコン) - Air conditioning.

ALT/AET - Assistant Language Teacher / Assistant English Teacher. My job title.

BOE - Board of Education.

Chūgakkō (中学校) - Junior high school.

Conbini/Combini (コンビニ) - Convenient store, such as Lawson Station, 7-Eleven, etc.

Deito (デート) - Date (romantic).

Fuyu Yasumi (冬休み) - Winter Vacation.

Inaka (田舎) - Rural area, countryside.

JET Program(me)
- Japan Exchange and Teaching Program(me). It promotes international exchange at the grassroots level. This is how I came to live in Japan.

Jiko Shokai (自己紹介) - Self introduction. It can range anywhere from a short speech to an entire 50 minute classroom lesson! I have done everything in between.

JTE - Japanese Teacher of English. These are the wonderful people I work with the most on the job. Because I am an assistant, I am primarily there for support and to provide a native tongue, but my job is also to make learning English FUN for the students.

Keitai (携帯) - Japanese cell phones.

Kyushoku (給食) - School lunch.

Matsuri (祭) - Local festivals in Japanese culture that often involve shrines or temples. There are usually main events, food stands, carnival games, contests, fireworks and sometimes processions with elaborate floats.

Shinkansen (新幹線) - Bullet train; network of high-speed railway lines in Japan. While super efficient for travel, tickets can be quite costly.

Shōgakkō (小学校) - Elementary school.

Taiikusai (体育祭) - Sports Day.
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