Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I finished my JET contract, said good-bye to the liftstyle we had built up over the last year, enjoyed re-visiting Tokyo with the husband (Honeymoon Part II!), and flew back to America. Being home has been surreal, especially since I hadn't seen my family and friends in over 12 months. My father said I should work on closing my blog, and I plan to, after finishing the backlog of posts, of course.

The month of July was a whirlwind of Matt doing job interviews via Skype in the wee hours of the morning and even traveling to the states for one, packing and shipping several boxes to send home, and fighting the beginnings of the harsh heat of Japanese summer. I'll take summer over winter in our village any day of the week, but I'm still glad to escape the oppressing heat and lack of central A/C. So what's the plan for us now? Matt was extremely lucky and had two different job offers in two different awesome cities, and he accepted the one in...

Austin, Texas

There's so many cool things about Austin! I never thought it would actually happen, since it was in our "Top 5" list of cities we would love to live in... and now it's our reality. From all the festivals and live music to UT being my #1 choice for grad school, we are both super excited to start the next chapter of our life there.


  1. aw, why are you closing this blog? ): I love reading your entries!

    1. Thanks so much! My adventure in Japan has ended... I will start a new blog about our life in Austin when I finish sharing our travels from the past few months :) I'll be sure to post the link here!

  2. I'm also sad that you'll be closing the blog :( I love rereading back entries. I too hope that one day I can live and work in Japan, and these wonderful blog/videos/etc kinda help me "be" there lol.
    My brother lives in Austin. I agree that there is a lot of awesome stuff there.

  3. I know it's doubtful you'll see this comment. I noticed you took your youtube channel down and you've deleted some journal entries.
    Your blog was definitely my favorite. You wrote/videoed about just everyday life. Not "look at this thing in Japan" or "Here's some Japanese info" type of stuff.
    Would you happen to know of any other blogs that work the same way? Everyday life stuff? I would appreciate it if you knew of some and could share!

    Still love your blog. Hope you're having a good time in Austin. Did you ever make a blog for Austin living?


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