Monday, July 9, 2012

める の DAILY LIFE #8: Shades of Summer

Suddenly, I only have 8 more days left of work. I'm starting to wrap things up here, and say my good-byes. The last several weeks have been a blur of fun times. It's difficult for me to pinpoint specific events to blog about these days, since my life still feels quite ordinary. I guess that's what happens once you get into a comfortable routine. Although it's sad to see things ending, I'm also excited to be returning home to America next month. Had I/we decided to stay another year, it would be for all the wrong reasons. Move forward.

And so I'll leave you with another photo post, since the pictures say it better than my words ever can.

( Meru's Daily Life )
This post contains cell phone snaps from 6/1 - 7/9.

1 comment:

  1. I enjoy reading your experiences in Japan; how inspiring! It inspires me to visit Japan when I officially live in Taiwan. I wish you well. :)


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