Tuesday, June 5, 2012

める の DAILY LIFE #7: Amanohashidate & More

Since I last posted, Matt and I have been staying busy, as usual. A few weekends ago we visited 天橋立 (Amanohashidate) which is only about 1 hour's drive or train ride away from our apartment. It's also the #3 scenic view in all of Japan! I had actually been there twice before, once for the kimono festival and another time for dinner at a ryokan (a story for another time), but Matt and I had yet to do Amanohashidate. I really recommend it to anyone in the Kansai Region. It's great for dates, hiking, taking photos, beaching it up in the summer, and of course enjoying the views.

I have some other pictures to share as well, so I'll just lump them all together in one post!


( Meru's Daily Life )

This post contains cell phone snaps from 5/19 - 5/31.

The famous view, with my traveling alpaca.

Channeling Taylor Swift.

I live a shocking pink lifestyle.

I wanted to ride this, but Matt said no :(

View of the bay on my afternoon walk.

Typical lunch.

Cute bayside cafe we found on yet another bike ride.

Their ice cocoa is AWESOME! And I'm picky about ice cocoa.

Their cake was really good too. We'll be back.

Kitty curtains.

Getting Indian food with Mario & (other) Matt.

Jenni & Joanne as well!

Matt's still sporting his short hair style.

Representing my 2 favorite places on the other side of the world :)

Stopped at the beach on a bay run. I actually injured my knee this day.

Re-blonded my hair for the last time! Next time will be professional highlights in the states.

Cute items on someone's desk...

Introducing myself. AGAIN.


View from our bedroom. I'm in love with the green rice fields once more.

Had grocery store sushi for lunch one day. Super cheap, too!

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