Tuesday, May 8, 2012

And when it's all a blur, you are the hard line.

Show me that your love will never change.

Here's a preview of what my Golden Week looked like. Osaka, Okinawa, Kobe, and Tottori all rolled into one. Our year in Japan will be coming to an end in the near future, so we wanted to soak up as much traveling all over the country as possible. I'll do a real post... someday. As beautiful as the cherry blossoms were a few weeks ago, late spring is my favorite time of year. Everything is green again, and my energy is being put into other things besides blogging and video editing. I did make a movie of our trip for my students, though, so I'll try to post bits of that later this week.

I also feel the urgent need to blog about these pants, "Easy Cropped Leggings Pants" from UNIQLO. It was one of those shopping trips that snuck up on me, when I wasn't even planning to buy clothes. I hate buying pants even in my own country thanks to being pear-shaped, so I vowed to avoid it here entirely. Then I saw all the cute colors when I stopped in UNIQLO on a whim, and couldn't resist heading to the fitting room. It turns out I fit perfectly into a size that doesn't even damage my self-esteem, and they look pretty damn cute. Score! They were also on sale. I went with black for work (I'm lucky enough to have a casual dress code, so long as I don't wear jeans); turquoise and orange for fun. I might go back for the khaki and grey, too.

P.S. Just wanted to say congratulations to all the new short-listed applicants for JET! And if you're still an alternate, don't despair. Some of the best people at this job were alternates first.

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