Sunday, March 11, 2012

プリクラ Darling: Purikura Pop Culture

One of my favorite things to do in Japan is Purikura (プリクラ)! These are photo booths that produce photo stickers you can decorate. Purikura machines are found all over Japan, usually in arcades. While arcades are a dying art in America, they are still everywhere here... even in smaller cities. Purikura started in 1995 and is still very popular, especially with the youth (students and young adults). My JHS students have their Purikura all over their pencil cases and notebooks.

 Some girls even doll themselves up in their best outfits before taking Purikura with their friends or boyfriend! In both Tokyo and Osaka, I have seen some arcades that allow you to rent costumes to wear for fun. There are often lines to try out the newest machines in large cities. Some of them even have options for changing your eye and hair color, with other endless decorating possibilities. You can even get the photos sent to your phone.

I was actually wearing my own wig & contacts for this set.

So why do I enjoy this pop culture phenomenon so much? For me, Purikura is...
  • A fun way to commemorate a special trip or date
  • The easiest way to get a photo taken of both Matt and myself
  • Good quality photos, despite the silly lighting effects and eye enhancements
  • Inexpensive, generally around 400-500 yen per session
  • CUTE.
I still think is our best set as a couple! Taken in November.

How about you? Are there Purikura machines where you live? I know I'm going to miss these when I'm gone, but maybe I'll get lucky and move to a city in the U.S. where they have them. ◕ ◡ ◕


  1. Dave and Busters in the US has something kind of similar in their arcade, but not nearly as cute!

  2. Purikura are so cute! I love the rare occasion when I run into them here in the US (which is pretty much only when I'm in LA).

  3. Oh, i LOVE Puris! And you two are sooo cute! *_*;

  4. California has Japanese ones but they charge $10! (Ew) I still paid tho, haha

  5. I used a purikura machine in the outskirts of Chicago. It was so cute and fun~!

    I linked your blog on mine, it's so cute~ (by the way, I'm StellarKei the cosplayer :3)


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