Tuesday, January 31, 2012

める の DAILY LIFE #5

And thus, January brings itself to a close. It's been snowing for over a week here, and I have nothing new or interesting to share aside from daily phone snaps. I have been slowly getting back into making videos & vlogs, but it's a slow process that I haven't had the patience or energy for these past few chilly months. I have been sticking to a regular fitness routine, so at least that's an accomplishment!

( Meru's Daily Life )

This post contains cell phone snaps from 12/31 - 1/31
Rilakkuma Heaven.

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The last day of 2011 was actually sunny! It was still quite chilly though, and the beach had lots of trash.

I found a different way to access the beach, and it seemed to have better facilities than the other place. I like to stop by after school on a clear day, even if it's freezing cold. The sunshine & fresh air is just really refreshing.

We usually eat at Sushiro once a week with friends, but Matt and I actually prefer Kappa Sushi! Honestly they're about the same in terms of price and quality. We just happen to like the ambiance and service better at Kappa. Sushiro does have more variety on their menu, though.

MOS Burger opened nearby. "MOS" stands for Mountain, Ocean, Sun. I had a chicken teriyaki burger with a salad, and it was pretty good. Don't worry Chick-fil-A, I'm not cheating on you.

Even in the city near us, everything closes at 8:00pm... except the arcades! Sometimes we go in there just to kill time. I think I enjoy taking photos of UFO Catchers more than I actually enjoy playing them.

Bento supplies, phone deco nicknacks, and Valentine's choco making molds. 

I couldn't help taking a photo of this cute little guy. He was 8万 (about $1,000) though, so not even an option! Pets are ridiculously expensive in Japan.

Somehow Valentine's Day = Pocky? Okay.

I don't normally eat Pocky & have cut back on sweets, but I tried this SALTY kind and it was pretty good!

Speaking of food, I made my chickpea curry twice this month, since we bought cans of chickpeas in Osaka. It's a vegetarian dish and very healthy! The only problem here is that it's not suited for the short-grained sticky Japanese rice, but otherwise it tastes the same.

Meanwhile, I bring the cuteness to work. ( Gotta stay sane somehow! ) 

My boots have gotten plenty of stares at school, but in a good way.

There was some kind of fire festival at one of my Shogakko. This would never happen in America, lol.

This is how cold and humid it is INSIDE all 8 of my schools.

 I'm in the textbook, apparently. Too bad it's getting a new addition!

Our friends Orrin and Joy took us to an amazing bar in Maizuru!

Getting a little fancy at work. I'd LOVE to know where they bought this tea set!

These look like bottoms for a toddler, but they actually stretch nicely! They're "room shorts" and made out of a soft, fuzzy material. It's perfect for winter months of lounging under the kotatsu, and they're really cute.

 We finally purchased a cute futon set for our kotatsu! Tour of the apartment is soon to come!


  1. Wow, it's really cold inside your schools. Even in class rooms? ;_;

    I love the kotatsu. So cute *_*

    1. Yep, it's been about 0 degrees outside most of this week, and today it was 4 inside the school! All of the buildings I work at are really old and have no insulation. Sometimes people even leave the doors wide open!

      The staffrooms are always heated these days, but the classrooms are only heated when students are inside. Sometimes it takes 15 minutes for the heater to start up.


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