Saturday, December 17, 2011

おすすめ - UNIQLO

I was smart enough to ship 2 of my warmest winter coats over here, but I really hate the idea of wearing them to school (especially Shogakko). One of them is hot pink, which is a signature look for me. The other is white, which I'm deathly afraid of ruining even in child-free environments. They're also made of wool, trench style, and just classier looking than what I need for an average day of teaching about animals, months of the year, and the phrase, "This is the cute kitten which I bought yesterday."

No matter how much I complain about the inaka-ness of my town, I really am lucky to live so close to the neighboring prefecture, Hyogo. A ten minute drive from my apartment and over the border gives me access to the closest major city. They don't have everything, but they do have... UNIQLO. Many people describe this as "the GAP of Japan." It's definitely a good place to buy wardrobe staples. I don't think the prices are as steep as GAP's, but they are a bit more expensive than Old Navy.

I save a little money each month just for myself, so I figured, "Why not?" when I tried on this coat. Plus I've been wanting something with a furry hood. At 7990円, I think it's worth the price (it may even be cheaper now in certain stores). There's other color choices too, but I went with grey for a neutral look, since I wear so many different shoes. Anyway, I can vouch for the quality of UNIQLO's down jackets if anyone else was looking for something warm to wear. ◕ ◡ ◕

Winter Style ♡ (Stealing Matt's snow boots, haha~)

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