Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shopping in Okayama

Angelic Pretty! My favorite shop.

Well, our visit to Okayama came and went! Matt and I had a blast with Jess and Brian, we only wish we could have stayed longer. I'm happy to say that I had a successful shopping adventure with Jess throughout the weekend, and Brian took Matt around town to all the different bars. And yes, I did have my Starbucks -- TWICE! Here's the usual keitai snaps of our shopping adventures. I'll post the ones from my digital camera later this week.

Starbucks holiday flavors: Cranberry White Mocha & Gingerbread! Also Toffee Nuts *not pictured*

Cute accessories shop! Jess got a necklace here.

You can buy practically anything at LOFT. I love this place~

LIZ LISA has amazingly cute things! A bit pricey, though.

I wasn't expecting to see this store! Their products were super cute AND the prices were great!

Matt and Brian should wear matching outfits.

My husband surprised me with a bottle of HPNOTIQ! We've been looking everywhere for it!

I ended up buying 2 skirts and a pair of dark red shorts (for some reason they photograph pink!). They're all made of wool and will be nice layered with tights for the winter.

Coordinating tights from TuTuanna. Love their 3/1050 deal!

Omiyage I bought for our neighbors and my visit school. Since I took a vacation day AND went out of prefecture, it's customary to buy a small gift for the people I'm close to & work with.

Stationary, a journal, and much-needed day planner.

Preview of Okayama Kourakuen! Next post!

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  1. Ah, Okayama! Where did you find swimmer? Was it nearby Loft?


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