Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cooking With Dog: Pumpkin Potage

I know several of my friends are into Cooking With Dog. No, not actually cooking with dog as an ingredient! It's a cooking show on YouTube that's become super popular. The quirky thing about it is not the Japanese recipes, but the narration done by Francis, a poodle. Jess and I watched a few episodes over the weekend when we had downtime from hopping around the city. I was especially interested in the "Pumpkin Potage" recipe and decided to give it a try Sunday night, since it was the perfect weather for soup (cold & rainy!)

I'm very happy to say that it turned out nicely, and the husband even went back for seconds! I made a double-batch so we could enjoy leftovers. The soup turned out a little watery, so Matt helped me thicken it up with a bit of flour and some cold water. We garnished the soup with crackers, green onions, and cheese, and paired the dish with a light salad. Honestly, the texture was very similar to Rapunzel's Squash-Hazelnut Soup we made for my birthday party in April, but this recipe was much easier.

Here's the recipe from Francis if you want to try it yourself! I think kabocha would be available at Asian grocery stores in America as well. Happy cooking! :)

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