Thursday, October 6, 2011

Keeping Busy

English Board in progress at base JHS. It's HUGE!

I have been crazy-busy this week. Usually I only teach 2-3 classes at JHS, but lately it's been more like 4 classes. I am glad my JTEs have been liking my planned activities, though! Let's see, what else?
  • Matt is taking Japanese class on Wednesdays. I'm still doing self-study. I realized my progress has been lacking lately because I'm so focused on following my textbook, and not learning more practical things like verbs. So that's my new focus this month.
  • My kimono class is on Tuesdays and  it's interesting! The first class we only covered the undergarments. There are certain ways to put on everything, of course. Next week we will cover yukata.
  • We paid for shakken this week, our last car-related / big expense *knock on wood*. Is it payday yet?

Today was a Shōgakkō (小学校) day. I only get to teach the younger students at each school once a month, so I have to make it count with Halloween activities for October! So of course I wore my little witch costume and tried to make the day as magical as possible for them. The fun part is that I get to do this 5 more times, plus whatever I end up doing for JHS students. Good thing I love Halloween so much.

My witch costume :) Complete with spider earrings & purple contacts.

Shoes off for the tatami room, please!

6th graders hanging up Halloween origami they made from my lesson!

Japanese ghosties are so cute~!

I cannot get enough of these adorable backpacks (top shelf).

Nice view of the bay & mountains from this school.

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  1. Everything is so cute!! I love your Halloween stuff <3


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