Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's October!

August and September felt longer than usual, for me. I'm so happy that it's now my 2nd favorite month of the year!! ( April being my favorite, of course. ) We haven't even needed to use the new aircon, the temperature feels cool in the mornings, and I'm starting to break out tights & sweaters. It's officially autumn! And more importantly, Halloween. I know this is a one day event for most people, if that. I kind of take it to the next level and celebrate all month. This year is no exception, even in Japan.

 The concept of Halloween is relatively new for Japan; however, it is starting to become more mainstream. The adults don't carve pumpkins and decorate their front porch (or lack thereof).  Kids don't make paper crafts at school or go around trick-or-treating in costumes, but at least there is merchandise in the 100yen shop (dollar store equivalent) and special snack items at the combini. It doesn't really feel the same, though. I've made it my personal mission to bring Halloween to all of my schools. Yes, all 8 of them.

Yeah, you could say I've done this "teaching" thing before.

All throughout the month, I will be doing Halloween activities with the elementary students. I prepared my materials in advance and then pitched those ideas to my JTEs, to give them a better idea of what I plan to do. They were also more than happy to let me laminate my materials so I can use the same things at all of my schools -- it never hurts to ask! I'm still working out some of the fine details, like if we'll be doing candy or not. I bought a bunch of cute stickers at the 100yen shop just in case. And of course, I'll be wearing a witch costume, orange wig & all!

Apron, pumpkin wand, mini hat! Just a few pieces of my costume.

 As for JHS, I am still working on activities for that age group. It's a bit more difficult to plan since their English classes have more structure than Shōgakkō. I do have a few more weeks to get it together, and I also work at those schools more often.

In other news, Matt and I have many events going on this month. There are a few shrine-carrying festivals, a kimono festival, community events, and a great Halloween party to look forward to! Bring it! Also, I received my first care package from Alyssa, my best friend since 5th grade.

This was the best thing in the world to come home to on a Friday...

All my favorite treats for this time of year! :)

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  1. Your Halloween materials are really cute! haha it makes me feel like I should be making more of an effort.

    If you ask around you might be able to find some pumpkins for carving - I think the big orange ones are kind of considered weeds, so even though they grow people don't eat them or anything. Last year some random lady gave me 3 pumpkins to carve with my junior high school kids. We did it one lunch time - unfortunately the pumpkins were a bit ... over ripe, and it smelt so bad!


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