Thursday, October 27, 2011


These days blogs have been photo-centric, with less words. I guess you could say I don't really know how to convey my thoughts into words lately. On a daily basis, I go through so many emotions. Sometimes it's a constant internal struggle. I have so much respect for those who did this before me, especially in the times before blogging, Skype, and email.

I've come to realize that I had no idea how much I loved my own country until I left it for an indefinite period. Visiting Japan for our honeymoon three years ago  was a completely different experience. Of course I knew living here was going to be different, but the reality of the situation still shocks me.

Civilization, where art thou?

It's also a huge adjustment living off one income. I know it's shallow, but I do miss our old way of life. As much as I disliked Atlanta, I miss living in a large city. The thrill of shopping, the fine dining, the classy bars, the vibrant people. It's what I've come to love over the years, and our current location couldn't be more opposite.

My little corner of Japan isn't perfect, but it's beautiful with the surrounding mountains and Sea of Japan. It's well off the beaten path, but still located in the Kansai Region, which is central for traveling to other parts of the country. I love my job. The students I work with are very sweet (for the most part), compared to the horror stories I've heard from friends that teach in the city. The difficult part is to not compare my situation with others', especially those that live in a large city or have their rent and/or commuting costs subsidized by their contracting organization. We pay a lot for living out here, and I think that's what really bothers me. But as long as we travel every month (which we do), it's still worth it.

It's the little things :)

It's all about perspective. Nothing in life is perfect, so I'll continue to がんばります!!! (Try my best) The experience of living in this country and making my dream happen is something I'll never regret. ♥♥♥

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