Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rainy Weekend

It's been raining again lately. ( ̄へ ̄);; This time there's a chill in the air, so autumn is definitely coming! It kind of ruined our weekend plans for going on a hike and seeing a famous view of Japan, but at least when we do go it will be cooler and hopefully the leaves will turn. Instead of hiking, we explored the nearby city and found a thrift shop, nicer grocery stores, and... conveyor belt sushi (回転寿司).

These places are often considered the "fast food" of sushi, but it's still healthier than Western fast foods. Typically you sit at the bar and have a selection of sushi and other snacks floating past you on a conveyer belt. Take only what you can eat, use the touch screen to make a special order if you'd like, and press a button the screen once you've finished! A cheerful server will tally up your bill based on the number of dishes you have (special order plates tend to be slightly higher in price). Most of the plates are 100-150円 each, which makes it easy to eat a lot of sushi for a small amount of yen!

We came well after the lunch crowd so the conveyer didn't have much selection.

Pretty much everything we ate was through a touch-screen system. Special items come by train!

Shrimp here are ridiculously huge! One is plenty.

They also have desserts! I got a miniature pudding. So cute!

The damage, and it only cost us ~1500円!

Then on Sunday, I had some much-needed "girl time" with 8 other female AETs in my area. We met at my apartment, picked up a few others from the train station, and just had a nice time shopping and dining in the city close to me. I took them to the pâtisserie and everyone loved it! Later, we had dinner at a delicious Korean restaurant. So maybe this will become a regular thing for us, here's hoping.

Today is payday which means we can go furniture shopping soon! Friday is a holiday (thanks, Autumn Equinox♥) so Matt and I will be driving down to Kobe (yes, as in Kobe beef) to get some much-needed items at IKEA. I can't believe how spoiled I was living so close to the one in Atlanta; now it's going to be an epic vacation just purchasing furniture and home goods! We plan to stay the night with my friend Misty, whom I'm excited to see.

Here's a little hint for my future crafting endeavors...

I also want to check out Tokyu Hands for fabrics and craft supplies. I'm starting to go a little crazy not being able to have a creative outlet. Even if I can't make aprons right away, I want to start collecting adorable Japanese fabrics because they're so expensive to buy on etsy! I have several ideas for small craft projects to keep myself busy, though. I want to see if obtaining the supplies myself is cheaper than getting them online.

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