Tuesday, September 13, 2011

める の DAILY LIFE #2

Hello everyone~ how are you enjoying September so far? It's still extremely warm in our little corner of Japan. We are also currently rockin' a broken aircon unit in the main section of the apartment, lucky us!! Hopefully that will be fixed soon, and the temperatures outside will cool off as well. I'm more than ready for autumn weather at this point, and even changed my blog layout to reflect this.

( Meru's Daily Life )

This edition of Meru's Daily Life consists of cell phone snaps from 9/9-9/10. Like any other weekend, we decided to get out of the apartment for a little デート! It's nice keeping up of our "date night" tradition, even in a foreign country.

My morning started out with some coffee. I always drank Starbucks on Friday in the states. Sadly, there isn't one within a ~130km radius so combini coffee will have to do.

Outfit for the evening. I'm so glad I live in a country where I don't get weird looks for my stockings now! They even sell this style in the convenience stores. Young women around here wear this look often, with shorts or skirts. Shoulders are almost never exposed though, even in the summer heat.

We had dinner at Sukiya. I opted for one of my favorites, カツカレー (katsu curry, which is Japanese curry rice with breaded pork cutlet). I actually ordered the "mini" portion, which was more than enough!!! I'd hate to see what the LL portion looked like. The green drink is melon soda, which is the best thing ever and can be found in many restaurants.

It just isn't デート without dessert, so we stopped by our favorite little pâtisserie♥

Matt discovered an entertainment establishment a few weeks back. It has karaoke and pool tables. We rented one for an hour and it was nice! Hopefully we can bring friends here sometime.

We had Mister Donut for breakfast! When we visited Tokyo in 2008 I tried this place and wasn't impressed. Everyone deserves a second chance though, especially when it comes to donuts. And so many to choose from this time~

Here's what I chose, and they were perfect! No worries, I went a very long run before eating so I earned these donuts. ;) Although I miss Krispy Kreme to death, I enjoy the donuts in Japan... just in a different way. They definitely have the cuteness factor, and it's nice that the sweetness isn't over the top. I also still hate Dunkin Donuts on principle, and hope Mister Donut eventually spreads their empire to the states. It would be amazing.

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