Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Beach Field Trip

Today was glorious, and by that I'm referring to the weather. When we arrived in July, it was extremely hot and humid!! Living in "The South" of the U.S.A. my entire life, this was nothing new to me... until moving to Japan where air conditioning isn't used as much. We had several weeks of extreme heat, and guess who got to walk to school in it? By the time I would arrive at work, my hair and makeup would be ruined. Then it started raining nonstop, including a typhoon, which lasted for about 2 weeks or so.

This morning I woke up to sweet sunshine, blue skies, and delightfully lower temperatures. Bliss. Even the little daily annoyances didn't bring me down!

The views from JHS #2 are equally amazing in beauty. As you can see, it's still quite green here, but the rice fields are starting to be harvested. The landscape isn't such a vibrant green as it was ~2 months ago, and fall is coming! After work, I was feeling extremely refreshed and craving some outdoor exploration. With the addition of our new car, there was nothing to stop us from exploring the coast! The nearest beach was a bit lackluster, so we traveled a few kilometers down the road for some cleaner scenery.

Yes, we had to represent our Auburn Pride! Anyway, it was a lovely way to spend the evening, and we definitely plan to return on a regular basis. The photos lately have been snaps from my keitai (cell phone). I recently installed the Lightbox app, which applies filters to your photos and uploads them to an online gallery. I still enjoy using my camera and editing the old fashioned way, but until we upgrade to a DSLR I will probably be using the phone more and the camera less. Here's a few shots we took today, though.

Tomorrow brings another exciting day of teaching and dinner with a lovely Japanese family. My base JHS will be having their Sports Festival this weekend as well. Matt is keeping busy with his grad school classes. Perhaps I'll let him post here sometime. Maybe ♥

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