Wednesday, August 3, 2011

める の DAILY LIFE #1

( Meru's Daily Life )

Here’s some snaps I’ve taken over the last few days – not super exciting, but it’s a glimpse into my daily life in rural Japan nonetheless. I will probably do posts like this often, as it’s my favorite style of blogging!

Business casual, or “cool biz” as the Japanese call it, is perfectly acceptable for working at the junior high school. In fact, many teachers that coach sports teams are wearing athletic clothing. Simple as it seems, I’m super stoked to dress like a “real teacher” once again – which I could not do at my previous job. I also have my black suit for formal occasions, such as ceremonies.

I simply love the look of Japanese classrooms – they just have a classic feel to them. It’s a sharp difference compared to my colorful Pre-K class, but I’m excited all the same and eager to start teaching in one!

Here is a better view of my town, from the third floor of my base school. Being surrounded by mountains and living close to the sea is amazing. I’m anxious to get a car so Matt and I can explore new places. Although there are trains in the countryside, there’s only so much you can do relying on them.

These are my after school snack essentials, at least for now! The peaches here are huge and super sweet; also a bit pricey but it’s worth the money. The 0 calorie gelatins are an amazing treat to satisfy my sweet tooth, and I was also happy and surprised to find yogurt in the grocery store.

Outside the apartment, and around the countryside in general, rice fields are everywhere! I can’t get over the lush greenery that surrounds us. Although spring is my favorite season, summer is a close second because of how lively everything is.

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