Friday, June 17, 2011

Placement Info GET!

So, as some of you have already heard... I have my placement info!!!

It's a city of over 50,000 people and in the north of Kyoto Prefecture. There's beaches and mountains around the area, and it looks really gorgeous! The weather seems comparable to Atlanta or the Carolinas, maybe a bit cooler in the summer. We will probably get snow like much of Japan, but that's fine -- at least it's not Hokkaido! My placement is on the west coast of Japan, and located a few hours from Kyoto-shi. Considering Kyoto was my first choice, I'm quite happy with this placement. I love the beach, husbando loves the mountains, so everybody wins!

As this is an inaka placement, I will need to get a car and all that fun stuff. I have been chatting with someone from forums, not my predecessor but she's still located in the area. She's been super helpful about answering basic questions until my pred decides to contact me. She did say most of the JETs there are provided houses, not apartments, which seems pretty exciting. I can't wait to know more!

( Photos from Andy's set on Flickr )

Also, we are planning to upgrade to a nice DSLR camera after my first paycheck or so. I'm so sick of grainy point&shoot photos. I want my memories from living in Japan to be clear and crisp!

Oh, and Matt has some great news of his own, but it's his to share :)

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